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The 'Articles' Folder Module

The 'Articles' Folder Module allows you to display the articles that you have added to one or more nodes (via groups).  An article can be placed in one or more Groups, and an 'Article' Folders Module can display one or more Groups. 

For example, were this an 'Article', it would be covering the topics 'article' and 'groups' (theoretically).  So, for this article, I would put it in both the 'article' and 'groups' groups.  Now, the supposing the link on the left for 'Examples - Folders' (and all links underneath) were 'Articles' Folder Modules, then the 'Article' Folder that 'Examples - Folders' points to would include 'articles', 'admin', 'contact', etc.

Initially the 'Articles' Folder Module has the same settings as all the other Folder Modules (called Folders Settings), which can be seen here.  Once the 'Article' Folder has been saved, the modules a a great number more options available to it on the Module Settings page:


As you can see, there are a number of configuration options available once you have saved you module as an 'Articles' Folder Module and gone to the Module Settings page.

You can change the maximum number of articles per page, though too many will make your page load slower and too little will more than likely annoy your visitors. 

You can select which Groups you wish this particular Folder to display (from one, to some, to all).  You can select multiple Groups by holding the Ctrl key while clicking on the Group name.  You can edit your Groups by clicking on the link on the left of the Group selection box.

You can change the default text that is displayed when an article is available for reading (as opposed to an "article" with a summary only) from "Read Article..." to what ever you choose (perhaps another language or something more in tune with your audience).

You can also change a number of other features, to make the Folder(s) and therefore your Node as customized and as suited to you, your site, and your audience as needed.

There are three basic ways to display an 'Articles' Folder:

  1. Plain - No preface, just articles.
  2. Unboxed Preface - Place the text for the preface in the "Folder Body" of the "Folder Settings" tab of the Folder
  3. Boxed Preface - Same as #2, then click the little "HTML" button and place <div class="dc-container"> at the very beginning and </div>at the very end.
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