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The 'StaticPage' Pages Module

This is a static page.  Static Pages as Page Modules cannot have folders or pages underneath them, all folders and pages must be peers.  Note the URL above has changed from a directory looking URL to a *.htm.  Static Pages as folders can be useful as introductions or other type of information regarding the information that is going to be included (or might someday be included below them).  Static Pages as Pages are useful for items that are just what they are, i.e. - they won't go any deeper, they won't possibly change to a different type of module, etc.

One example of the above is using the Folders 'Static Page' Module to hold the 'Static Page' Pages Modules for your modalities.  The Folder 'Static Page' can give an intro to each modality and link to each of the Pages 'Static Pages', and then each Pages 'Static Page' can go deeper into each modality, but be just about that modality and that modality alone (though, of course, it can have links else where).

Static pages do not have "Plain" versions.  That would, in essence, be a blank page.  They do have Unboxed and Boxed versions, though (or if you prefer, a combination of both).

The Static Page is created by typing the text for the page into the "Page Body" field of the "Page Settings" tab of the Page. This will create a basic Unboxed Static Page.

A Boxed Static Page (or area) is created by first typing the contents into the "Page Body" of the "Page Settings" tab of the Page.  Then, once the data for the page has been input, click on the little "HTML" button on the editor menu.  Place <div class="dc-container"> at the very beginning of the data that you want to be included in the "box", and </div> at the very end of the data that you want to be included in the "box".  If you would like to box the entire page, just place the opening one at the very beginning and the closing one at the very ending (unless you like boxes to accentuate your paragraphs then you can box each paragraph, your choice).  Once you have finished "boxing" your page, click "Update" to have the changes placed into the "Page Body" editor (NOTE: you will not see boxes in the "Page Body" editor even when you have done this correctly).

Also note, in the boxed example, I have chosen to box each paragraph (since this page itself is an example of "boxing" a page from beginnning to end).

The two examples of a Static Page:

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