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The 'SiteMap' Pages Module

The 'SiteMap' Pages Module allows you to create a site map containing all of the links on your site.  Generally, site maps are good for both visitors and search engine optimization (SEO), as the spiders that travel the internet for the search engines can easily find all of your pages (as too can the visitors).

On SpaceNode, you have the option to create a Site Map as either a Folder Module or a Pages Module.  Which ever you choose to create is entirely up to you.

There are three basic ways to display an 'SiteMap' Folder:

  1. Plain - No preface, just the site map.
  2. Unboxed Preface - Place the text for the preface in the "Folder Body" of the "Folder Settings" tab of the Folder
  3. Boxed Preface - Same as #2, then click the little "HTML" button and place <div class="dc-container"> at the very beginning and </div>at the very end.
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