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The 'ContactForm' Folders Module

The 'ContactForm' Folders Module allows you to display a contact form that allows you visitors to contact you.  You can setup as many contact forms as you like, as different as you like.  You can rename up to five (5) fields and / or change their default messages, which we will be discussing later.  You can override the diplay text on the submit button, as well as the email address and name that the message will go to (i.e. - Tect Support <>, Customer Service <>, etc).

Initially the 'Articles' Folder Module has the same settings as all the other Folder Modules (called Folders Settings), which can be seen here.  Once the 'Article' Folder has been saved, the modules a a great number more options available to it on the Module Settings page:


As you can see, there are a number of configuration options available once you have saved you module as an 'Articles' Folder Module and gone to the Module Settings page.

In the "form name" field, you can select which contact form you prefer.  Default or EMO are suggested.  The DragonRising form has a number of specific details about the Dragon Rising site in particular.  With the "Default" option, you get nicely formatted help text for each of the options (first name, surname, email, subject message, and country).  With the "EMO" option you get the same fields as the "Default" option plus an addition "How did you hear about us?" field, but the nicely formatted help text is no longer available.

In "Misc Field 1" - "Misc Field 5", you can do something...  Alex is going to let me know exactly what.

In the "What message to display on the submit button." field you can customize what text you want your visitors to see on the the submit button, from "Schedule Your Appointment" to "Sign up for our Newsletter!" or anything else you may want.  The {us} that defaults in the field will be replaced with the "Name" field that in on the "SpaceNode" tab of the "SpaceNode" link in you "Admin Menu" (as well as displayed on the main SpaceNode Page directory).  If you do not want that name to be displayed and would prefer another one, you can replace the "{us}" with whatever name you prefer or remove it altogether.

The last two fields allow you to override the email address that the information in the contact page will be sent to, as mentioned above.

Once you have customized the Contact Form via the "Module Settings" tab, there are three basic ways to display your contact page:

  1. Plain - No preface, just the contact form.
  2. Unboxed Preface - Place the text for the preface in the "Folder Body" of the "Folder Settings" tab of the Folder
  3. Boxed Preface - Same as #2, then click the little "HTML" button and place <div class="dc-container"> at the very beginning and </div>at the very end.
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